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SWINBURNE Certified Program
Managing Complexities By Embracing Simplicity
  • Develop the skills, tools and techniques as a “Certified Complexity and Simplicity Management Professional”
  • Identify Complicated and Complex systems in Organizations
  • Navigate through the Complexity Zones and be the agent for Simplicity through Change Dynamics;
  • Explore tactics and techniques to manage these issues that permeated the organization
  • Examine methodology on Stakeholders engagement to undo the root of embedded complexities by enhancing communication and collaboration to create new organizational structure
  • Implement culture of Simplicity and develop Champions to lead and carry forward the agenda on Simplicity by focusing on essentialism in the new Structure to face challenges in competition and the new digital age.
  • Develop strategies with workshop input from interaction, cross fertilization of ideas to cope with changes and challenges.
Topics Covered
Module 1
  • Fundamental difference in managing a business today and in past decades;
  • Emerging Complexities in Organizations – the unpredictable!
  • Management – what is getting complex and its causes?
Module 2
  • Drivers of Complexity and agents for Simplicity and Change Dynamics;
  • Concerns & Capacity in Managing Complexity – What’s in “Jobs”?
  • Complexity Problems & Unintended Consequences;
  • End to End Solutions: an Experience!
Module 3
  • Tactics & Techniques to manage complexities – Stakeholders’ Engagement: Trade-Offs
  • Level of embedded complexities, Forecasting and analytic tools
  • Class Exercise: Evolving Complexities!
Module 4
  • Simpler Organizations – the challenge;
  • Undoing the root of Complexity but focus on essentialism;
  • The science of Simplicity with the simple Mission!
Module 5
  • Culture of Simplicity & Champions
  • Evaluation, Communication and Collaboration
  • Simplicity for ALL Organization sizes?
  • In the shoes of Complex Environment!
  • Case Study: When leading for Simplicity Failed?
Module 6
  • Creating Ownership of Simplicity;
  • Elect a Champion for Simplicity with Empowerment;
  • KISS, Delayering & Distilling Information;
  • The Human Behavior in Simplicity – Commitment, Involvement, Implementation & Limitations.
Assignment – Assessment & Evaluation
Target Audience

​Directors, Head Of Departments. Decision Makers, Managers, HR Professionals, Team Leaders, Senior Executives


Interactive discussions and interactions, exchange of views and sharing of Best Practices  with Corporate Leaders and Team Managers, Lectures, Case Studies and Exercises

Scheme SBL Fee
Duration 14 Hours Members Less Less RM100