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Survey Summaries

Analysis of Collective Agreements and Awards on Terms & Conditions of Employment, 2017
Published on 29 November 2018
‚ÄčIn 2018, MEF published the thirteenth edition of this Report which contains analysis of salaries and terms of employment of 263 collective agreements given cognisance by the Industrial Court in 2017 and 24 Industrial Court Awards in 2017 that disputed on terms and conditions of employment. This publication is an essential guide for companies that are unionised to come up with strategies for collective agreement negotiations. Some of the highlights of the Analysis were:
  • 142 collective agreements in 2017 provided for across-the-board salary adjustment at an average of 5.7% as compared to 6.38% in 2016
  • 45.5% of collective agreements in 2017 provided discretionary bonus only, 42.6% provided contractual bonus only, while 12.0% of collective agreements provided both contractual and discretionary bonus. In 2017, the average amount of contractual bonus provided was 1.56 months.
  • there were 24 Industrial Court awards handed down in 2017 on terms and conditions of employment. 8 awards (33.3%) were consent awards while 16 awards (66.7%) were decided by the Industrial Court.
  • of 16 awards which were decided by the Industrial Court, 8 awards disputed on across-the-board salary adjustment. The average percentage of across-the-board salary adjustment decided by the Industrial Court in these Awards was 4.4%.

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