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Occupational Safety & Health
Safe Return to work: Implementing Covid-19 Prevention Program

​By the end of the training participants will be able to understand:
1. The trait of the Covid-19 virus, how it spread and symptoms.
2. Government’s Standard Operating Procedure applicable to the workplace. 
3. The new normal practices in a business operation and settings.
4. The role of employers and employees in dealing with COVID-19.

Topics Covered
TOPIC – Day One
1. Current status of the Covid-19 Pandemic
2. Understanding the enemy – VIRUS
   2.1 The route of entry to the human body
   2.2 How it spread
   2.3 How long does the virus survive on surface?
   2.4 The symptoms and signs
   2.5 The incubation period
   2.6 At risk groups 
3. The applicable legislation
   3.1 Prevention and control disease act 1988
   3.2 OSH Act 1994
   3.3 Role of the Safety and Health Committee
   3.4 Role of the Covid-19 Coordinator
   3.5 Role of the Emergency Response Team
   3.6 Notification and Reporting of Covid-19 cases
TOPIC – Day Two
4. Human resource planning
   4.1 Work from home arrangement
   4.2 Basic Ergonomic set up
6. Action to consider: from home to the workplace
7. The Workplace Standard Operating Procedure
   7.1 Action to consider:
    7.1.1 Before entering the premises.
    7.1.2 Inside the workplace 
    7.1.3 Hygiene measures
    7.1.4 Leaving the workplace.
8. Dealing with suppliers and client
9. What to do if workers develop COVID-19 Symptoms at the workplace?
10.Managing vulnerable workers.
11.Managing workers mental wellbeing 
Discussion / Q & A
Target Audience

​The training is design to the following audience: 
1. Person appointed as Covid-19 prevention program coordinator.
2. Safety and Health committee members.
3. Safety and Health Officer / Site Safety Supervisor / OSH Coordinator.

Scheme SBL Fee
Duration Members Less