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Upcoming Trainings & Events
[Mandarin] Fundamental of Payroll Administration Skills and the Laws 薪资管理基础班 Online Learning – Microsoft Teams / ZOOM 4 October 2022 (9.00 AM – 5.00 PM)
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Course Fee
RM 700 (inclusive SST) per participant

Upon completion on this programme, participants will be able to:-
• Learn the legal considerations in compensation
• Understand payroll administration and comply to the Malaysian Laws (EA, EPF, SOCSO, EIS, HRDF & MTD/PCB)
• Have better understanding on payroll workflow thus work more efficiently
• Analyse the efficiency of current company practices based on case studies of various companies in different industries
Who Should Attend?
• Payroll Specialists
• Compensation & Benefits Specialists
• Finance Personnel
• HR Personnel
• and anyone who is involved in payroll
Course Outline
Module 1: Introduction – Contract of Service and Contract for Service
• Employment Act 1955’s Impact on Payroll
• Minimum Wages Order
• An Employee, a Contract of Service, and Labour Laws, and the Collective Agreement
• Types of Employees – Full Time, Part Time, Fixed Term, Open Term
• Forms of Pay Rate - Daily Rated, Monthly Rated and Piece Rated Employee
• Exempt and Non-exempt Employees, and Terms and Conditions of
• Employment for Employees Not Under EA 1955
• Difference between Wages and Salary
• Different Definition of Wages under the Various Laws
• Calculation of Salary for Incomplete Month
• Payment of Wages through the Bank and Payment in Cash or Cheque
• The Payslip and its Contents
Module 2: Security and Controls
• New Employees
• Overtime Controls
• Leave Controls
• Confidentiality of Payroll Information
Module 3: Employment Act 1955
• Part-Time Employees
• Part-Timer Who Are Protected
• Pro-Rated Annual Leave Days, Sick Leave Entitlement
• Paid Public Holidays Entitlement
• Computing OT and Payment for Work on Special Day
• Regular Employees
• Rest Days, Controls and Payment Rates for Work Done
• Authority to Compel Work on a Rest Day?
• Normal Hours of Work and OT
• Normal Hours and Overtime
• Spread Over of Work Hours
• Value of a Day’s Pay
• Calculation of OT at ORP
• Limits on OT Hours
• Annual Leave, Unpaid Leave and Absenteeism
• Minimum Entitlement to Annual Leave
• Encashment of Leave, Forfeiting Annual Leave & Carrying Forward
• Salary Computation and Deduction for Unpaid Leave
• Computation for Absenteeism
• Compulsory and Non-Compulsory Public Holidays
• Minimum Entitlement; Compulsory and Non-Compulsory Holidays
• Payment Rates for Work on PH and OT on PH
• Forfeiting Holiday Pay
• Paid and Unpaid Sick Leave, and Hospitalisation
• Statutory Minimum Days: Sick Leave and Hospitalisation Leave Beyond Entitlement
• Deemed Hospitalisation Leave
• Payable Sick Leave and Non-Payable
• Handling Sick Leave Beyond Entitlement Limits and Malingering Cases
• Paid Maternity Leave
• Scope of, and Range of Maternity Protection
• Entitlement to Maternity Leave and Eligibility; Entitlement to Maternity Allowance and Eligibility
• Calculation for Maternity Leave
• Payment of Maternity Allowance to employee who Already
• Left the Job
• Loss of Maternity Benefits
• Deductions from Salary
• Deductions Allowed by Law
• Deductions requiring Employee Consent, and Authorisation
• Limitations on Monthly Deductions
• Date of Payment of Salary, Normal and Upon Terminations
• Termination, Resignation and Dismissal
• Statutory Notice Period and Contractual Notice Period
• Calculating Payment in lieu of Notice Period
• Calculating of Salary for Last Day of Service
• Payment Date of Last Salary
• Retrenchment and VSS
• Statutory Notice Period for Retrenchment
• Obligation to Notice Authorities
• Difference between Termination and Lay Off Benefit and
• Retrenchment Benefit
• Who is Eligible for Termination and Lay Off Benefits?
• Retrenchment Benefits for Employees not covered by EA 1955
• Calculation for Payment of Retrenchment Benefit
• Payment Date of Retrenchment Benefit
Module 4: Income Tax, EPF, SOCSO, EIS and HRDF
• EPF Contributions, Definition of Wages, Contribution of Various Categories
• including Foreign Workers
• SOCSO Contributions, Definition of Wages, for Local and Foreign Workers
• EIS Contributions
• Income Tax Monthly Deductions (MTD/PCB), Tax Exemptions and Rebates, Tax on Benefits and Perks
Mr. Chin Wai Hong
➢ Founder, Managing Director of Scrum HR Group Sdn Bhd
➢ Certified Trainer, Coach, Mentor.
➢ Post Graduate Diploma in Mgmt. Psychology, University of Nottingham
➢ BSc (Hons) Psychology, University TunkuAbdul Rahman
➢ Senior Certified Practitioner (SCP), By Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)
➢ Certified Coaching and Mentoring Practitioner (eCCMP) By ITD World
➢ Certified Trainer, HRD Corp, (known as Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF))
➢ Active in HR Arena since 2008; Hands on experience in both HR Strategy and HR Operations.
➢ Appointed by Malaysia renowned startup and SME Companies as HR Consultant & Strategist to work
with Entrepreneurs.
➢ Experienced in handing HR Strategy Planning, HR Operations Industrial Relations issues and HR
Digitization & Transformation.
Training, Coaching & Mentoring works
In 2020,transformed onsite training sessions to online Training sessions; Trained 800++ participants from 539++ Companies!
Core HRDF certified HR Training Programs
•HR for Beginners
•HR Advance Classes (6 modules, covered essential areas like Recruitment & Selection, Learning &
Development, Advance Labour Law and Practices in Malaysia etc.
•Payroll Administration for Beginner
•Workplace Misconduct, Disciplinary Process & DI Procedures
•Soft Skills Programmes
Certified HR Coach and Mentor, actively coaching HR professional and business executives for SMEs Clients.
Appointed as long-term business partner, coach and mentor by TAR University College, Alue Singapore Pte Ltd &Alue Co., Ltd, Japan to participate in talent development projects for Japanese Companies and clients in Southeast Asia Region.
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