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Upcoming Trainings & Events
Assessment of the Board, Committees & Directors and Nominating & Remuneration CommitteesOnline Learning – Microsoft Teams / ZOOM 20 December 2022 (9.00 AM – 5.00 PM)
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Course Fee
RM 700 (inclusive SST) per participant
Recommended for
• Directors of listed corporations & their subsidiaries
• CEOs / CFOs
• Chief Regulatory or Compliance Officers
• Chief Risk Officers
• Chief Sustainability Officers
• Company Secretaries
• Corporate Advisors
• Internal & External Auditors
• Service providers on Governance, Risk & Controls
• Advocates of Corporate Governance
• Personnel from the academia (lecturers, undergraduates, etc.)
Learning Outcomes
• understand the need for an assessment of the Board, Board Committee individual Directors
• be apprised of how a typical assessment is conducted, including using the outcome thereof to enhance the effectiveness of the Board, Board Committees individual Directors
• be familiar with the criteria questionnaire used in assessment
• appreciate the importance of pertinent documentation on work conducted, to enable objective reporting to stakeholders and
• be aware of pitfalls to be avoided in the assessment process
• be apprised of the roles responsibilities of the Board Committees, including the rationale to have such Committees assisting the Board
• understand the need to formalise terms of reference approved by the Board
• be familiar with pertinent documentation on work conducted, including objective reporting to stakeholders and
• be aware of pitfalls to be avoided in discharging the Committees’ remit
Course Outline
Assessment of the Board, Committees & Directors
Morning session (9AM 1PM)
• Introduction
• Regulatory perspectives for an assessment of the Board,
Board Committees & individual Directors
• New areas to be covered in the annual assessment:
-Performance of the Board & Senior Management on
Environmental, Social & Governance perspectives of the
Group’s business
-Conflict of interest of Directors, including statement by
the Board on its stance regarding the re appointment of
retiring Directors
• Method of assessment, including the criteria & questions
to be used
• Who should be involved in the exercise?
• Reporting the outcome
strengths, weaknesses & how it
impacts upon the composition of the Board, including the
way forward
• Common pitfalls to be aware of
• Key learning points
• Questions & Comments
Nominating & Remuneration Committees
Afternoon Session (2PM - 5PM)
• Introduction
• The regulatory & business perspectives of establishing a
Nominating Committee & Remuneration Committee
• Roles & responsibilities of the Nominating Committee on
selection & assessment MCCG 2021 & Bursa’s Listing
• Roles & responsibilities of the Remuneration Committee on
compensation & benefits for Directors & Senior Management
attract, motivate & retain talents
• How the roles of these 2 Board Committees are intertwined
augmenting each other in assisting the Board
• Challenges, pitfalls, & mitigating measures in discharging the Committees’ responsibilities
• Key learning points
• Questions & Comments
*For more information, please click and refer to the brochure.
Lee Min On
• Chartered Accountant, CA(M) Malaysian Institute of Accountants
• Certified Public Accountant, CPA(M) Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants
• Fellow Member, CFIIA, Institute of Internal Auditors Malaysia
• Retired as Partner of KPMG Malaysia after serving almost 37 years (20 years in Audit and 17 years in Advisory) with the Firm
• Headed the Firm’s Risk Consulting division and Internal Audit, Risk & Compliance Services unit
• Speaks regularly at public seminars and in-house training on Sustainability, Corporate Liability on corruption, Corporate Governance, Enterprise Risk Management (including Fraud Risk Management), Internal Controls & Risk-Based Internal Audit, Companies Act 2016, focusing on how best to apply the relevant insights practically
• Serves as Independent Director of several Main Market listed issuers in Malaysia
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