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Upcoming Trainings & Events
[SBF] Microsoft Excel - IntermediateComputer Lab, UNIMAS City Campus, Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, Sarawak 17-18 April 2024 (9.00 AM – 5.00 PM)
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Course Fees:
*Funded by SBF and Sarawak State Government

(refer brochure for term & conditions)
Course Overview
This two-day intensive program tailored to participants seeking to facilitate their Microsoft Excel with minimize effort to boost productivity in data management with Excel. They will learn managing data, structuring and arranging data to be easily processed. Unleash the power of Excel with in-depth insights into formulas, functions, pivot tables, and captivating pivot charts.
They will also master the art of creating visually stunning charts and applying expert-level conditional formatting. Our
engaging learning experience combines hands-on practice, guided demonstrations, and interactive exercises, ensuring that they leave the program equipped with core Excel skills to tackle real-world tasks.
• To accommodate with Excel component, search tool, and shortcurts
• To create formulas to solve simple problems
• To integrate function into formula to solve simple daily problems
• To manage and organize data structurally with Excel
• To summarize data easily using data outlining
• To summarize data using appropriate visualization techniques
• To analyze and present multidimensional data with pivot table
• To visualize multidimensional data
• To create interactive data analytic using PivotChart
• To find and visualize data with conditional formatting
• To store and record data in Excel using Table
• To understand the different storing data in cells and Tables
• To find data in a table, a range or different worksheet through reference
Learning Outcome
At the end of this training, participants will be able to:
• Prepare and organise data in worksheets into tables or ranges.
• Apply formulas and advanced functions to solve problems efficiently.
• Effectively use Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts for transaction data analysis.
• Format cells by using complex conditional formatting.
• Select and create charts to summarize data.
• Multimedia presentation
• Live demonstration
• Problem solving
Course Content
Module 1: Introduction to spreadsheet
Module 2: Basic formulas
Module 3: Basic Functions
Module 4: Manipulating data
Module 5: Outline and subtotal
Module 6: Visualizing Data Using Charts
Module 7: Creating Pivot Tables
Module 8: Creating Pivot Charts
Module 9: Conditional Cells Formatting
Module 10: Ranges and Tables
Module 11: Vlookup and Hlookup
*For more information, please click and refer to the brochure.
Bong Chih How
Dr. Bong is an accredited TTT Trainer. He obtained his PhD from University of Colorado under the area of AI. His research interests includes data analytics, text analytics and NLP.
He has designed and conducted various curriculums: data mining, decision support system and database courses since 2001. He is also a Microsoft Certified Professional and a Scrum Master.
Lee Nung Kion
Dr. Lee Nung Kion is an accomplished Associate Professor in Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), with expertise in Machine Learning and Bioinformatics. He holds a PhD and a master’s degree in computer science, equipping him with extensive knowledge in his field. Lee's professional skills encompass Data Analytics, Productivity Tools, and Software Development, making him a versatile and capable researcher.
Having accumulated over 15 years of experience in academia, Lee has excelled in teaching various courses related to Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Mathematics. His teaching experience has allowed him to impart knowledge and shape the next generation of professionals in these fields. He is also currently holding the position as Deputy Director at the UNIMAS strategic office which involves in data analysis of organization critical data using machine learning, Microsoft Power BI, and Microsoft Excel.
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